Nootropics Information

The variety of cognitive enhancement blends in this section (focus, energy, calming, etc) work on each individual in a different manner.
Some may experience a specific blend strongly, while some may not feel that blend at all. Levels of sensitivity and individual brain -chemistry are different from person to person. I highly recommend to begin with purchasing our 5ml bottles of the tinctures,

and a small pack of any of the capsules to test. That is the best way to determine which blends work best for you.

Also, I strongly recommend to avoid mixing different cognitive blends in the same day, and to focus on one (cognitive/nootropic) blend type only per day, (aside from the Ultimate H–p blend which can be mixed with any blend, and of course all the supplements, which are a daily immune and nutrition boost, and are SAFE and BENEFICIAL to take daily).

I work with plant intelligence, and I use very potent, pure, and expensive extracts, which when one gives them respect and honor and allows themselves to tune into what the plants are providing, I can guarantee they will benefit from the gifts each plant has to give to them, with all seriousness.

If you are expecting a strong kick that will blow your head off (and also: tax your adrenals, unbalance your glands, and deteriorate your organs)- my blends are not for you, and you may to do better with a 5-hour energy drink or a Redbull, or go do a line…

If you are a person who has appreciation for quality, for plant wisdom, respects what they put in their body, and is interested in a clean, pure, uplifting, healthy, elevating experience, then these blends are for you, and you will know how to respect them, and as such the plants will respect you back 100%.

Anything we abuse will damage us. A little bit of these blends go a long way should you choose to recognize and appreciate them for what they are, vs what you expect them to be (again, if ur looking for a caffeine boost go get Starbucks or a coffee at 7-11, as long as you are willing to accept
the aftermath consequences as well…).

Respect, honor, tuning in, listening, feeling, and appreciating the high level of purity and quality to which I provide here, will ensure your experience will be pleasant and you will also be able to increase your awareness and resolve issues that bother you (elevate your consciousness).