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Immunity Essentials Plant Alchemy Kit- Spagyric

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A potent combination of Specific essential oils, spagyric tinctures, oleoresins, enhanced with monoatomic gold and biodynamic HE-P oil.


Designed to:

- Support airways, lungs, and senses during strong flu

- Immune boost (Vitamin C, D, Zinc and more)

- May support side -effects of currently distributed medications for said c-vid.

- May remedy the effects of spike proteins 

- May provide relief before, during, and after strong flu

- May provide prevention, support during, and recovery from flu.

- May provide molecules such as Suramin and Shikimic Acid known to combat the side effects of said spike proteins

- Potent & Pure, Charged Plant Alchemy, Meticulously hand crafted crafted

- Organic, biodynamic, and wild-crafted herbs, and cold pressed oils


Package includes:

50ML Sacred C liquid Blend Tincture (50 day supply)

30ML Cognition cold pressed oil blend- EFA's & Nervous System support (30-60 day supply)

5ML Immune Essentials - Powerful Essential oils blend (~20 day supply)