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Frankincense Myrhh Tooth & Gum Paste

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A unique plant based herbal toothpaste for: gum healing, gum regenerating & enamel restoration:
~ Deep cleans gums
~ Restores enamel
~ Regenerates gums
~ May clean plaque 
~ Pleasant herbal taste
~ Contains special patented Hydroxyapatite mineral for re-building tooth enamel
~ Contains probiotics and enzymes, pure essential oils, and several organic herbal extracts from east and west.
Special Gift: Comes with FREE copper tongue scraper

Ingredients: Frankincense resin^, Frankincense extract*, Myrrh*, Cat’s Claw*, Turmeric*, Enzymes, Thyme*, Lavender*, Pau D’Arco*, Blue Lotus^, Moringa*, Licorice*. EO’s: Frankincense^, Spearminet*, Tea Tree^, Myrrh^, Rose^, Sage*, Ginger*, Thyme*, Cardamom*. Clay^, Baking Soda, Diatomacious Earth^, Glycerin*, Probiotics, Xylitol*, Volcanic Minerals^, nanoXIM^ (hydroxyapatite- build enamel)

[ Organic *, Wild Crafted ^ ]

Usage:  Use pea-sized amount. Brush lightly. Swish in mouth (with or without water) for 2-15 minutes. Scrape tongue. Smile!