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Full Native Bundle- Nutrition • Immunity • Longevity • Focus/Mood/Energy • Regeneration

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Full Native Bundle of Alchemic Plant Based Formulas- Nutrition • Immunity • Longevity • Focus/Mood/Energy • Regeneration
This includes all that a person needs to cover all areas of wellness:
1. Superfood Essentials (w/ NMN): Full Nutritional Profile - 80 Cap Jar 
2. Infinity Mushrooms: 21 Mushrooms w/ Ormus and Blue Lotus -  80 Cap Jar 
3. Volcanic Minerals: Activating, Purifying, Structuring, Mineralizing, Alkalizing 50ml Bottle
4. Neuro Support: 10 mushrooms + 10 Nootropics - Focus/Mood/Stamina - 80 cap Jar
5. Sacred C powder: immunity, strong lung support, vitamin c - 50gr Jar
6. Plant Based Pre- Workout Blend: Power, Strength, Muscle Support  - 80 cap Jar
7. Sacred C Liquid: Immunity, Zinc, Vit C, Strong anti- inflammatory for airway, 50ml Bottle
8. Cognition: Full plant based Omega Supplement, Brain support 50ml Bottle
9. The Biblical: 18 types of frankincense, myrrh and other resins- Regenerating
Package can last you for 60-90 days.
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