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Immunity Boost Essential Bundle ⍙

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Immunity Remedy Bundle:

To support your immune system, and to help you "go through it".

To Provide Vitamin C and Potent Tonic, Strengthening herbs.

May provide Lung and Airway Support.

To make it simple- no guessing on what to take.

As always, highest Quality.


Bundle Includes:

1. 50gr Sacred C Powder Jar - Can last up to 3 months

2. 100ml Volcanic Minerals - Can last up to 2.5- 3 months

3. The Duo 50ml Set of 2 Can last up to 1-2 months

4. The Bee 130gr Can last up to 1-2  months

5. Pouch, Custom Wooden Spoon

6. Free 30ml Herbal or Mushroom Matrix Remedy Tincture


Value: $311

Bundle Special Price: $195  + Free shipping (inside the USA), Hawaii, PR add +$10.


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