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InDaZone | Capsules

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May help with:*

~ Focus
~ Clarity
~ Spaciousness
~ Euphoric
~ Relaxing
~ Energizing


Cap #1:  Blue and Space Lotus^, Butterfly Pea Flower^, Ashwagandha*, Mucuna*, Cordyceps*, Walnut*, Lions Mane*, Gingko*, Suma*, Damiana*, Kanna^, Cacao*, Piperine.

Cap #2: Moringa*, Kelp*, Astragalus*, Poria Cocos*, Yuan Zhi*, L-Theanine, Pine Pollen*, Licorice*, Turmeric*, Ormus.

[ *Organic | ^Wild-Crafted ]

Other Ingredients: Vegan Pullulan Caps, no fillers

Suggested Usage: 1 cap of each per day (#1 + #2) together.

Avoid using with other nootropics/cognitive blends (on the same day).