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Kra thom Kok Resin

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Organic, Wild-Crafted, GMO Free.


25:1 Wild Crafted Resin, Thailand.

Details and Potential Benefits*:

The main alkaloid here is mitraphylline, which binds to opioid receptors in the nervous system in a very similar way to the mitragynine alkaloids found in Kratom. 

The concentration of mitraphylline in the plant is relatively high, but its effectiveness is significantly weaker compared to the substances contained in Kratom, which is why it is necessary to apply a larger amount of Hirsuta to achieve the desired effects. For this reason, extracts of this plant tend to be available on the internet to make dosing easier.

The effects of Hirsuta are very similar to Kratom – it acts euphorically, relaxes in larger doses, stimulates slightly in lower doses, induces a positive mental state, may provide relief with anxiety, stress and depression, may alleviate physical pain.

The alkaloid mitraphylline is also one of the main active ingredients in the Cat’s Claw plant. Research shows that the use of this plant has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects. Whether these properties can be directly attributed to the alkaloid mitraphylline and thus to M. Hirsuta is not yet entirely clear, and further research is needed.

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