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Nomad | Men's Face Serum

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Men’s frankincense - sandalwood & Yemenite Myrrh hand pressed face serum in jojoba & primrose oils

~ Nourishing
~ After shave treatment
~ Good for scars
~ Anti septic
~ Regenerating
~ Hand crafted
~ 8 type of high quality Omani and Indian frankincense resins
~ Zero fillers, zero additives, zero preservatives 

Ingredients: Pure Hojary Frankincense^ from Oman, Sandalwood^, Lotus^, Pure Alchemic Oil of Gold, Vitamin E.

[ *Organic. ^Wild Crafted. ]

In 5ml Miron Glass bottle. Or 15ml etched black glass with wood top

Application:  3-5 drops, rub into face skin