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Plant based Omega (EFA's) Blend- 'Cognition'

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Cold pressed superfood plant oils, with rare Biblical resins.

Full spectrum Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3, 6, 9).

Black seed oil • Moringa Oil • Sacha Inchi Oil • Reishi Spore Oil • Celastrus Oil • Siberian Cedar Resin Oil • BioDynamic Hemp Oil


- May improve Cognitive function

- May provide Anti-Inflammatory Benefits 

- Works well in combination with other Nootropic formulas and herbs for brain function enhancement

- May Improve nervous system response, and nerve signaling

- Potent, cold pressed, organic and wild-crafted ingredients

- Only 1/4-1/2 dropper twice per day

- Contains in-house extracted Oleoresins of Frankincense and Siberian Cedar Resin.

(Known for: Anti bacterial, anti fungal, antiseptic, anti anxiety, anti inflammatory, anti viral, anti tumor effects)



Black Seed Oil^, Moringa Oil^, MCT oil^,

Sacha Inchi Oil^, Frankincense Oleoresin*,

Celastrus Oil^, Cardamom Oil^, Vanilla^, Reishi Spore Oil^, Siberian Cedar Resin Oil*.

^Organic. *Wild Crafted

Keep Refrigerated