Quantum Resolution- Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole- Interactive Transformative Workshop- Process Track

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  • This track depicts the process we did at the workshop.


How to use this track?

 1. Before beginning, decide what issue/limiting belief/negative pattern you are READY to look at, and Resolve.

2. Start with the sacral to pineal breathing. Repeat it 6-8 times or as many times as you want. I suggest at least more than 5 times.

3. Play track and allow yourself to be guided through the process.

4. Ideally- repeat daily and ideal time is 3:30-4:30am when Melatonin levels are high in the brain.

There is ALWAYS what to work on.


Instructor studied at:

- Osho center in Pune, India- Meditations and breathing techniques

- Studied under Zen Master Nissim Amon in Israel and India

- Shanti Prakash Center in Ulhas Naghar, India- Naturopathy

- ITM, Chiang Mai, Thailand- Traditional Thai Massage

- Hypnotherapy at HMI

- NLP Practitioner, Woodland Hills CA

- Reiki in Israel, India, and Thailand

- Landmark Education- Self-Development

- Daosit Herbalism fundamentals- Rehmannia Dean (ShamanShack, Gate of Life lineage)

- Formulator and owner at Native Mystic

- 29 years on the path of self-discovery




IG @native_mystic