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Sagan Dalya- Shaman's Tea- Master Adaptogen

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Siberian Sagan Dalya Shaman's Tea- Potent!

Benefits of Sagan Dalya*

 Increases performance and endurance, as well as potency in men;

 May suppress the pathogenic microflora in the gastrointestinal tract;

 Boosts mental performance and concentration of attention;

 Regulates the heart function, strengthens the vessels;

 May normalizes metabolic processes in the body;

 Subdues hangover and migraine headaches.

 With regular use, Sagan Dayla has a rejuvenating effect and may prevent early aging.

50gr 1.7oz in glass jar

100gr 3.5oz in glass jar

Usage: 2-3 small pieces (less is more) per cup add to boiled water, let sift and enjoy.

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