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Ultimate Hemp Resin Oil Blend | Calming, Balancing, Euphoric, Adaptogenic, Immune support

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May help with:

~ Calming
~ Euphoric
~ Focus
~ Relief
~ Adaptogenic

Ingredients: Biodynamic Hemp Flower Resin Oil^, Moringa Oil^, MCT Oil*, Ho Sho Wu*, Astragalus*, Reishi*, Chaga*, Lion’s Mane*, Rehmannia*, Ginseng*, Licorice*, Immunity 10 Mushroom Blend*, Lotus^, Ionic Minerals, Spearmint*, Cardamom, Stevia*.

[ *Organic | ^Wild-Crafted ]

Bottled in: Miron glass dropper.

Suggested Usage: A few drops - 1/2 dropper under tongue. Shake well before use.

Mixes well with: all other NativeMystic products.